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Active Site Survey Standard

The Advanced Networks Active Site Survey Standard provides you with the most detailed information ever about your WiFi network.

What is an Active Site Survey?

During this Site Survey we associate with the network or the Access Point. When a client device -such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet- is associated, it does all the tasks a typical 802.11 client device performs. The PHY-rate and retransmission information we capture tells us detailed information about the RF environment, throughput and the ability to tune and optimise the communication between the client device and the Access Point.

We perform Active Site Surveys in two ways:

  • Pre-installation Active Site Survey
    When a client asks for a new WLAN-deployment.

  • Post-installation Active Site Survey
    When a WLAN-deployment is already up and running, but the performance or stability doesn’t meet the required expectations.

What are the benefits for you?

Choosing for Advanced Networks Active Site Surveys means that we will gather more information about your network. So, when we perform a Site Survey you can expect more detailed information for the same price.

We provide the most efficient Active Site Survey whilst using the most professional tools available on the market:

  • Netscout AirMagnet Surveyor Pro
  • Ekahau Site Survey