Company | corporate overview

Advanced Networks is a leading European-wide, Wireless LAN Site Survey and knowledge provider.

At Advanced Networks building strong relationships with customers is our priority, identifying customer needs and supporting their successes. It is our goal to create long-lasting customer partnerships. Wireless networks are an essential part of today’s business networks.  Combined with our LAN/WAN knowledge, Advanced Networks provides the foundation for stable and high performance Wireless LAN networks.

Advanced Networks was founded as a start-up company in May 2006, by a small group of experts in wireless and networking technology, who came from an engineering and management team.  The company’s experience is based on a long history providing innovative and cutting edge development in wireless technology for Europe.  We installed the first wireless LAN in the 1990’s, the first wireless internet installation in 2001 while the first important IEEE 802.11b VoWLAN installation was imported from the US.

Today Advanced Networks is a major player in several key Wireless LAN installations with advanced technologies like Location Based Services (LBS), Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) and critical scanner applications in controller-based installations.

Advanced Networks supports the market to progress towards advanced Wireless LAN installations supported by leading manufacturers like Cisco Systems, Inc.

The company plays a central role in designing efficient architecture for optimal functioning Wireless LAN networks based on our unique WLAN Site Survey and WLAN Fine Tuning services.

Advanced Networks innovates in many different ways:

  • following the latest wireless technology development
  • implementing technologies after their initial invention
  • communicating closely with networking technology manufacturers
  • developing our own WLAN mounting materials based on correct mounting, anti-shock and minimal RF reflections materials.

Advanced Networks provides WLAN services and installations which combined with WLAN maintenance contracts by our engineers delivers up to 24/24 7/7 4H SLA’s to support our customers best practice.

Essential investment in knowledge, certification and the latest, best in class tools will guarantee the installation and support of continuous advanced network services for your company.

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