Point to point site survey

Advanced Networks Point-to-Point site surveys are an accepted requirement to give a correct blueprint of the most optimal connection between two Point-to-Point locations.

In a Point-to-Point site survey our engineers perform real live testing with the highest specification equipment.  We provide accurate, professional real live testing to give you reliable information detailing whether it is possible to install a Point-to-Point link.

During an Advanced Networks Point-to-Point site survey, Advanced Networks test key parameters, such as:

A link test will give you the average signal strength and signal to noise ratio between the local and remote station.  This test will give you accurate information regarding link stability.

This will also provide information regarding Non Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi interferences and stability of the relevant band.  This will ensure that the equipment specified for the installation will work in the required RF band.  Essentially, you will receive all the required information BEFORE you install the Point-to-Point link.  For example, if we detect interferences on the 5GHz band we can advise you to purchase and install 2.4GHz equipment.

Our data throughput test will give you a correct indication of the average throughput you may expect on this link.

Finally, we perform a visual inspection of both sites and specify correct installation equipment and tools for the most optimal installation.