Post installation site survey

A Post Installation Site Survey Report is the only real way to master the RF environment specific to your WLAN.  The Report serves many purposes such as providing an “As Built” document, verifying whether the current WLAN environment can supports future applications, and WLAN troubleshooting.

As Built Document

Site requirements often specify an official Report such as the “As Built” document stating that; all WLAN devices have been properly installed, RF coverage requirements have been met and to ensure that the RF interference has been dealt with.

Future WLAN Applications

Another motive of a Post Installation Site Survey is to determine whether or not the currently installed RF WLAN environment will support future applications such as Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) or Location Based Services (LBS). For example, if an original RF WLAN was designed for data purposes, it is unlikely that the RF environment will be able to support VoWLAN without being modified. A Post Installation Site Survey will reveal the areas where future application thresholds are not met so that decisive corrective actions may be taken.


As with all network troubleshooting, WLAN troubleshooting starts at layer 1 (physical layer) of the ISO – OSI model. A Post Installation Site Survey is a deep analysis of the WLAN’s layer 1, which is the RF medium. During the analysis, all aspects of the RF environment are examined including application RF thresholds, client capacity, redundancy requirements and RF interference.  The results will determine whether layer 1 has any problems and if it is acceptable to carry on with troubleshooting procedures for the upper layers. In each case the surveyor inspects each aspect of the WLAN’s RF environment to provide a detailed, illustrated audit of the WLAN’s RF environment.