Silver WLAN site survey

Our Silver site survey provides real time measurements (as in a Gold Site Survey) which will be taken to determine the total amount and positioning of the access points but no data points will be captured to generate heat maps per access point at the timestamp of the survey.  However, heat maps for rogue access points/signals will be displayed in the Silver report.

Types of Wireless LAN site surveys

General overview matrix comparing the different types of site surveys.

  Gold Silver
List of requirements for the survey yes yes
Description of the used equipment yes yes
Visual Inspection yes yes
Bill Of Materials yes yes
Coverage Analysis Reports    
Colored Heat Maps    
* Signal strength Coverage yes no
* AP Signal Coverage for roaming (VoWLAN & mobile Data) yes no
* Signal Noise Ratio (SNR) coverage yes no
Interference Analysis Reports    
Colored Heat Maps    
* Rogue Access Points scan yes yes
* Rogue Signal Scan yes yes
* Spectrum analysis yes yes
Installation Guideline Report    
* Basic Guidelines yes yes
* Ground plans with AP locations yes yes
* Mounting Hardware proposal per Access Point yes yes
* Photos and mounting instructions per Access Point yes yes
Conclusions & Recommendations yes yes