Trouble shooting WLAN

Like wired LAN solutions, WLANs are comprised of many different elements.

RF interference can be a major inhibitor to wireless performance, creating security vulnerabilities and wireless network instability.

Simple, automated-response-to-interference products are helpful, but they aren't a substitute for identifying and solving the underlying problem.

In any networking system, it's critical that the physical layer is solid.  When the physical layer is not operating properly, the higher protocol layers tend to operate in inefficient and sometimes confusing ways.  For this reason, it always makes sense to verify your physical layer first before going on a wild-goose chase looking for higher layer problems.

Interference can really take the zip out of your Wi-Fi data throughput.

Therefore, in order to troubleshoot the WLAN solution, Advanced Networks delivers a solid and proven WLAN troubleshooting background.

We often see companies spending days, even months troubleshooting WLAN issues.

Avoid wasting your time!

Advanced Networks WLAN Experts deliver you the best in class WLAN expertise to verify and fix your RF physical layer.

Secondly, if still relevant, we will troubleshoot design-related issues to guarantee the most optimal configuration for your WLAN network.

Recommended by all main WLAN manufacturers, Advanced Networks has a unique and proven track record of delivering trouble-shooting success within the European market.

Advanced Networks WLAN experts are recommended by all leading WLAN manufactures, for example:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Juniper
  • Avaya
  • Aruba/Alcatel
  • Aerohove Networks, etc.