• 1012 2019
    Brussels (Belgium)
    Feel secure
    With company Feel Secure we collaborated for an installation project at the offices of a big insurance company. The assignment involved tasks such as cabling work and equipment installation.
    Feel Secure has experience in security installations. This project was for a leader in the Belgian insurance sector who has many decades of experience. Thousands of employees work for the insurance company.
  • 2111 2019
    Baupte (France)
    A new fiber installation that complies with international standards, that’s what Cargill wanted for this French branch. So, we installed the new fiber and also copper cabling between certain data racks.
    This multinational aims to be a reliable partner in food, nutrition and agriculture. Cargill has been active in France since 1964 and the company’s presence is concentrated in the west of the country. That’s France’s main farming region.
  • 0511 2019
    Malchin (Germany)
    Recently we went to this German branch and mapped the whole LAN network with a Visual LAN Assessment. The fiber, server, server rooms and switches were measured, analysed and reported. Last year and earlier this year we performed -among others- a pre-installation WLAN site survey and cabling work.
    Nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way: that is the clear goal that Cargill keeps in mind. The global company helps communities thrive together with other organisations that have the same vision.
  • 2210 2019
    Several locations (Europe, US, Asia)
    Several partners
    Big orders with access points mounting materials are flying off the shelf. Deliveries consist of standard and tailor-made mounting solutions for Cisco and Aruba.
    Need a mounting solution inside or outside of your company? Contact us!
    Our unique mounting products are specially designed to guarantee the right RF conditions. In addition, their efficiency helps saving time when doing a WLAN installation.
  • 1510 2019
    Leuven (Belgium)
    Heilig Hart Leuven Hospital
    This hospital is one of our trusted partners for WLAN and cabling support. Recently we performed cabling work for new devices in this medical environment. An excellent WLAN and cabling coverage? Very important for Heilig Hart Leuven Hospital!
    The approachable staff of Heilig Hart Leuven wants patients to feel welcome and cares about the personal story of every patient. This hospital lies in the centre of Leuven.
  • 0708 2019
    Malchin (Germany)
    Last year and earlier this year we mapped the whole LAN network with a Visual LAN Assessment and performed a pre-installation WLAN site survey. Recently we went back for cabling work and the installation of the access points. Because of the pre-installation site survey, we knew exactly where to install the access points for an optimal WLAN coverage.
    Cargill aims to be the most trusted partner in nutrition, food and agriculture. This multinational creates connections and links farmers to markets and customers with sustainable nutrition solutions.
  • 2407 2019
    Zaventem (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    We’re at your service during the holiday period! Our company doesn’t close in summer and continuously operation is guaranteed. So call or mail us with your questions!
    Looking for WLAN and cabling services or excellent mounting materials? Visit our pages or contact us straight away!
  • 1807 2019
    Various locations (Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, France and Luxembourg)
    Various companies
    Having the proper mounting materials increases the quality of a wireless network. Companies from all different sectors request our unique mounting solutions. These are made from industrial anti-reflection materials and guarantee the right RF conditions.
    Looking for mounting materials? Visit our pages and get a 3D impression or contact us for a customized solution.
  • 1007 2019
    Oosterhout (Belgium)
    Dimension Data Cycling Team
    At the new warehouse of the cycling team of Dimension Data we performed the WLAN installation of the access points and the data rack. With an excellent running network their cycling team and staff can optimize their work efficiency.
    This global systems integrator is an expert in designing, optimizing and managing today’s evolving technology environments. Over 28,000 Dimension Data employees across 47 countries on five continents deliver value to over 8,000 clients.
  • 1906 2019
    Various locations (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    Our ADV colleagues frequently follow a training to uphold the good quality of our service. Two new technicians followed a course about usage of an articulated boom, another colleague completed the course of Fluke networks Fiber CCTT.
    Looking for a certified company that can optimize your WLAN network? Contact us.
  • 0306 2019
    Brussels (Belgium)
    One partner for WLAN surveys ànd cabling is convenient. At Levi’s we are involved since the beginning of the WLAN project until the final tuning with a validation site survey. After the recent pre-installation site survey, we will soon start with the proper installation of the access points.
    In 1853 Levi Strauss recognized a need among hardworking people: clothing built to endure anything. Clothes that we call blue jeans nowadays. Levi’s is a global leader in jeans with 500 stores worldwide and products available in more than 100 countries.
  • 2305 2019
    Diest (Belgium)
    We are familiar with the data racks at Sint-Annendael, because of previous WLAN cabling works. The latest project was a migration and refreshing of the data racks. Our team worked on the migration overnight because then the total system shutdown didn’t compromise the working of the organisation.
    Sint-Annendael Grauwzusters vzw is a multi campus organisation with 450 staff members and doctors. It exploits four healthcare institutions and offers mental health care and elderly care services.
  • 1104 2019
    Redon (France)
    The whole server room was moved to another location in the same building of this food producing site in France. Taking food safety regulations into account, we placed new fiber to all the racks in 2018. We recently visited this site again for removing the old fiber cabling.
    This global leader creates connections across the global food system to help the world thrive. Cargill itself has 155,000 employees working around the globe.
  • 1503 2019
    Diest (Belgium)
    One of our current projects? Doing cabling and replacing data racks at Sint-Annendael. All data will be easily manageable and orderly. After cabling, the access points can be conveniently installed.
    Sint-Annendael Grauwzusters vzw is a multi campus organisation and exploits four healthcare institutions. Annually more than 1,000 different patients can count on the expertise of an enthusiastic team of 450 staff members and doctors.
  • 2401 2019
    Heuvelland (Belgium)
    Gemeente Heuvelland
    Finishing and testing existing cabling work? Yes, we also do that. The municipality Heuvelland had already prepared the cabling work at their town hall. We finished the rack and tested the cabling work so that it is secure.
    The municipality in the Western region of Belgium has 8 villages. The extraordinary hilly landscape and rich history makes Heuvelland quite special.
  • 0801 2019
    Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
    A while ago we had the privilege to perform a WLAN site survey at the office environment of Youth Protection Amsterdam. More recently we went back and installed the access points at the recommended locations. The biggest advantage of asking one company to be in charge of a total WLAN project? Efficiency!
    Youth Protection Amsterdam is a certified institution for the protection of children and juvenile rehabilitation. By protecting children, they can grow up in a safer environment and evolve into independent adults.
  • 0301 2019
    Brussel (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    Cabling certificates are restricted in time. Because of an upcoming renewal, the ADV-technicians followed a training. It involved a course of 2 days and we consider it necessary to uphold the good quality.
    Our company is a European market leader in LAN network services. The number one priority of ADV? Identifying client needs and building long-term partnerships with them.