• 0903 2023
    Blaton (Belgium)
    A WLAN cabling and installation project for Keolis? After previous WLAN projects we gladly went onsite again for this new challenge. The AP installation and cabling for AP’s took place in the office buildings and bus depots.
    Shaping the mobility of tomorrow: that’s the aim of worldwide mobility provider Keolis and its partners. With 42 branches you’ll find Keolis all over the country.
  • 0702 2023
    Hasselt (Belgium)
    Provincie Limburg
    A full cabling assessment is what the Province of Limburg asked us. We mapped the cabling, including fiber, to roll out new techniques. This allows them to see where additional cabling is needed.
    Limburg is one of the ten provinces in Belgium. It has 44 municipalities and an area of 242,231 acres, which corresponds to about 480,000 football pitches.
  • 3101 2023
    Boortmeerbeek, Diegem & Aartselaar (Belgium)
    An optimal running WLAN network? Yes, please! LeasePlan Belgium chose us as WLAN cabling partner for their offices at Boortmeerbeek, Aartselaar and Diegem. At the offices and car park we made sure that everything is spot on. The next step to a smooth network? The AP installation and configuration.
    Founded in 1972 and one of the most trusted names in vehicle leasing. This company offers smart, cost-effective solutions for fleet management, business leasing and personal leasing.
  • 1701 2023
    Schierstedt (Germany)
    Whilst installing and cabling in this branch, we noticed that the data racks were also in need of innovation. In several phases we took care of everything. In order not to jeopardize production, we agreed the timing of the works perfectly with those responsible.
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