• 0204 2020
    Alleur, Brugge, Edingen (Belgium)
    Stanley Black & Decker
    After a cabling project from A till Z this returning customer requested our teams to do additional new cabling work. Having one partner who knows the situation is efficient and ensures a smooth progress of the project. Last year, we performed a lot of pre-installation site surveys and visual LAN assessments for Stanley Black & Decker.
    This global leader in engineered fastening provides tools for builders and makers since 1843. Stanley Black & Decker is known for superior quality and continual innovation.
  • 2503 2020
    Temse (Belgium)
    Cordeel Group
    When is a validation site survey, like we executed at several buildings of Cordeel Group, needed? In a changing environment such as working places where a rack or office is easily adjusted it is possible the WLAN network does not function optimally. A validation site survey checks, tunes and validates the existing WLAN network.
    Cordeel Group is a full service provider in the construction process. With 1,600 employees and an annual turnover of 650 million euros, Cordeel Group has become a European player.
  • 1703 2020
    Capellen (Luxemburg)
    Jan De Nul Group
    The validation site survey we performed at the office buildings of Jan De Nul Group checked, tuned and validated the existing wireless network. It’s the second project for JDN, at another site in Belgium they had previously asked us for a validation site survey as well.
    Jan De Nul Group studies and executes complex multidisciplinary projects onshore and offshore. The company has a strong position in Europe and realizes 56% of its turnover on the European continent. The total stable turnover in 2018 was 1.7 billion euros.
  • 1103 2020
    Brussels (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    Continuous learning is an important element in the tasks of our WLAN teams. Recently, in-house training sessions were held and courses on location are followed on a regularly basis. Knowledge sharing within our company is commonplace.
    Advanced Networks delivers WLAN services and combines that with in-depth WLAN experience and knowledge. Strong client and partner relationships are our number one priority.
  • 0503 2020
    Several locations (Belgium)
    “Can you make sure we get an optimal running WLAN network in our workstations and office?”, was the main question of Keolis. Yes, we can! At several locations, we performed WLAN site surveys and cabling work in order to optimize the network.
    Keolis invents tailored multimodal mobility solutions and exists since 1996. Since then, Keolis has grown year after year. The 63,000 employees share the same values: “We Imagine, We Care, We Commit.”
  • 2602 2020
    Waregem (Belgium)
    OLV Van Lourdes Ziekenhuis
    A hospital is always a challenging environment when measuring a WLAN network. With respect for the patients and the medical staff we performed a pre-installation site survey. Afterwards, OLV Van Lourdes Ziekenhuis received a guideline report for configuration and placement of the WLAN network.
    OLV Van Lourdes Ziekenhuis is a regional hospital with 267 approved beds. More than 700 hospital staff and 70 doctors work there to improve the health of their patients.
  • 1802 2020
    Brussels (Belgium)
    Several buildings of NICC (The National Institute for Criminalistics and Criminology) were subjected to a WLAN pre-installation site survey, so we were able to analyze the WLAN network and used that data in a WLAN report. That ensures a correct placement and configuration of the access points.
    The National Institute for Criminalistics and Criminology or simply the NICC is a federal scientific institution within the Federal Public Service Justice. They conduct independent research. They help to detect offenders and build up the onus of proof, and investigate how the criminal justice system works and how it can be improved.
  • 1202 2020
    Wielsbeke (Belgium)
    Beaulieu requested a LAN assessment and validation site survey for this particular branch in Wielsbeke. In 2019, we also went to another Belgian department of Beaulieu to perform a pre-installation site survey and a LAN Assessment.
    Across 17 countries, Beaulieu International Group has 18 distributions centres and sales offices and 29 branches. B.I.G. is a leader in a broad range of floor coverings and a global specialist in raw chemical materials, semi-finished engineered products.
  • 0502 2020
    Several locations (Czech Republic)
    TE Connectivity
    Reliable partner TE Connectivity counts on us to perform WLAN site surveys. We combined several sites in the Czech Republic at once, which ensured a smooth progress and makes it highly efficient and price competitive.
    TE Connectivity offers a wide selection of solutions for advanced connectivity, such as essential elements in planes, electronics, power grids and cars. The focus of this multinational is enabling large and small companies to turn ideas into technology.
  • 3001 2020
    Wielsbeke (Belgium)
    At the production and office area of Beaulieu Wielsbeke we performed a LAN Assessment and a validation site survey. For both these projects we delivered detailed reports. They provide a thorough knowledge about the network.
    Beaulieu International Group is a global specialist in raw chemical materials, semi-finished engineered products and a leader in a broad range of floor coverings. B.I.G. has 29 branches and 18 distributions centres and sales offices across 17 countries.
  • 2301 2020
    Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (Belgium)
    Fnac encountered problems in their WLAN network. Our engineer went onsite for troubleshooting. We were able to find the proper solution and fix the problem. The WLAN network now runs smoothly.
    Fnac is a department store chain for books, cd’s, dvd’s, software and other consumer electronics. Shops are found in several European countries, Taiwan and Morocco.
  • 1501 2020
    Brugge (Belgium)
    AZ St. Jan Brugge
    A happy customer is one that keeps asking for your services. Such as AZ St. Jan Brugge. They needed a pre-installation WLAN site survey in a certain part of their facility. We executed the measurements and delivered a WLAN report.
    The three medical sites of AZ Sint-Jan can hospitalize 1,182 patients at the same time. From basic need until utterly specialize care: every patient is welcomed here.
  • 0701 2020
    Venlo (The Netherlands)
    For this pre-installation site survey multiple of our engineers went to perform in several buildings of PVH. As a team they collected and analysed relevant data and wrote a guideline report for the WLAN installation.
    Global player PVH powers lifestyle and fashion brands such as Speedo, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. The company generated in 2018 nearly 9,7 billion in revenues.
  • 0301 2020
    Kablowa (Poland)
    TE Connectivity
    This multinational prefers to work with one partner for all WLAN projects. Together we’ve set up a specific company site survey standard. That makes the deployment of the site survey more efficient. At this specific Polish branch, we performed a pre-installation site survey.
    TE connectivity offers a wide selection of solutions for advanced connectivity, such as essential elements in planes, electronics, power grids and cars. The focus of this multinational is enabling large and small companies to turn ideas into technology.