• 1501 2020
    Brugge (Belgium)
    AZ St. Jan Brugge
    A happy customer is one that keeps asking for your services. Such as AZ St. Jan Brugge. They needed a pre-installation WLAN site survey in a certain part of their facility. We executed the measurements and delivered a WLAN report.
    The three medical sites of AZ Sint-Jan can hospitalize 1,182 patients at the same time. From basic need until utterly specialize care: every patient is welcomed here.
  • 0701 2020
    Venlo (The Netherlands)
    For this pre-installation site survey multiple of our engineers went to perform in several buildings of PVH. As a team they collected and analysed relevant data and wrote a guideline report for the WLAN installation.
    Global player PVH powers lifestyle and fashion brands such as Speedo, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. The company generated in 2018 nearly 9,7 billion in revenues.
  • 0301 2020
    Kablowa (Poland)
    TE Connectivity
    This multinational prefers to work with one partner for all WLAN projects. Together we’ve set up a specific company site survey standard. That makes the deployment of the site survey more efficient. At this specific Polish branch, we performed a pre-installation site survey.
    TE connectivity offers a wide selection of solutions for advanced connectivity, such as essential elements in planes, electronics, power grids and cars. The focus of this multinational is enabling large and small companies to turn ideas into technology.