• 1502 2021
    Bilzen (Belgium)
    DW Reusables
    At one of the locations of DW Reusables we went onsite to perform a pre-installation WLAN site survey. In this work environment we analysed all the data and we’ve sent the correct guidelines for a proper AP installation.
    DW Reusables designs, develops and manufactures injection moulded reusable packaging. Their offering such as reusable crates, handling trays, pallets and dispensing bulk containers are found all over the world.
  • 0302 2021
    Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (France)
    Furniture manufacturer
    Having an excellent WLAN network is essential, especially in a store and warehouse environment. Therefore, we performed a pre-installation WLAN site survey at one of the French departments of this furniture manufacturer, and afterwards we’ve sent a WLAN report with installation guidelines.
    This large manufacturer sells ready-to-assemble furniture. Their vision? To create a better everyday life for many people. A total of 217,000 employees work worldwide in one of the 500 sales locations.
  • 2101 2021
    Berlin (Germany)
    TE Connectivity
    This global player loves working with us as a global privileged partner for WLAN site surveys. When you want customized WLAN guidelines and an efficient installation, that’s essential. At this German branch we gladly performed a pre-installation site survey.
    This multinational offers solutions for advanced connectivity, such as essential elements in planes, electronics and cars. TE Connectivity wants to create a safer, sustainable and more connected future.
  • 0501 2021
    Mechelen (Belgium)
    For the new work environment of DRD we were responsible for the installation and cabling work. For instance, in the offices we placed functional columns that are also esthetically pleasing to the eye.
    DRD offers a complete product line of professional cleaning products and accessories to fully comply with haccp standards. They also provide support to companies in terms of hygiene, such as training and hygiene plans.