• 1904 2018
    Witham (The United Kingdom)
    TE Connectivity
    Updating a network to have an outstanding connection? That fits us like a glove. This plant of TE in the UK now has an excellent WLAN network again.
    This technology company, with a workforce of 78,000, is active in 150 countries. Innovating engineers design sensors and connectors to advance the infrastructure. This way they try to make the world a better, greener and safer place.
  • 1004 2018
    Sint-Truiden (Belgium)
    Finding the right connection is one of our pillars. In projects, but also with our clients. Tenneco is a happy client that always returns when they want to expand their WLAN network. For instance, we recently helped them again with a pre installation site survey for their building in Sint-Truiden.
    Tenneco Inc. wants to smoothen the process of transportation and to increase the air. This company delivers advanced technologies for their customers. Tenneco Inc. has over 31,000 employees and is headquartered in Illinois.
  • 0404 2018
    Brussel (Belgium)
    DKV - ERGO
    After performing most of the Structured Cabling and WLAN installation at the new workplace of DKV and ERGO we did a validation site survey. This type of site survey guarantees a correct configuration and therefore a stable WLAN network for this project in the centre of Brussels.
    DKV Belgium, ERGO Insurance nv and D.A.S. operate in insurances. They are part of the group Munich Re, also known as Müncher Rück.
  • 2903 2018
    Oostende (Belgium)
    Ter Duinen
    This care center had trouble with their new WLAN network, so they called us for help. With a troubleshooting we found out what caused the WLAN problems. And came with a solution. The WLAN network at Ter Duinen? That runs smoothly now!
    This rehabilitation center helps people to recover after their stay in the hospital. Ter Duinen is a totally adjusted center for people who need special care and infrastructure. They can easily go there for a rejuvenating vacation in a professional caring environment. It's situated at the belgian coast.
  • 2103 2018
    Évora (Portugal)
    TE Connectivity
    TE Connectivity adjusted the WLAN network at their Portuguese plant and wanted a validation and further tuning. A validation site survey gave them the reassurance they were looking for.
    At this technology company, innovating engineers are trying to make the world a better, safer and greener place. For example: they design connectors and sensors to improve the infrastructure. TE Connectivity has a workforce of 78,000, that exists of approximately 7,000 engineers. The company is active in 150 countries.
  • 1203 2018
    Rouen (France)
    "Can your company inventory the whole LAN network at our department in Rouen?", asked Cargill-managers. Off course we can! We executed it with a great deal of precision and reported it. Cargill now has a clear idea of the LAN network.
    Cargill connects actors in the global food system: farmers to markets and customers with sustainable nutrition solutions. This multinational now employs over 3,500 people in 22 locations.
  • 0903 2018
    Schiphol (The Netherlands)
    Installing 8 new cameras at this department of Cargill gives the company more safety insurance. With cabling for Power over Ethernet we helped connecting these devices so they can work properly.
    The mission of Cargill? Feeding the world in a sustainable way. This multinational -that exists for more than 150 years- has globally over 3,500 employees.
  • 0803 2018
    Malchin (Germany)
    Visual Lan Assessment means mapping the whole LAN network. We went onsite at a Cargill department and documented every single detail. Therefore, Cargill knows exactly the strong and weak points of the LAN network.
    Multinational Cargill works alongside manufacturers, producers, retailers, governments and farmers to nourish the world in a sustainable way. The company also invests in local communities through economic development, partnerships and giving.
  • 0503 2018
    Brielle, Westvoorne and Nisswaard (The Netherlands)
    Syntrophos Shared Service Center
    In 2017, we performed a pre-installation site survey for these Dutch municipalities. They combine forces by working together on a global network, called Syntrophos Shared Service Center. Recently, we performed a validation site survey. This gives them the assurance the network is accurate, because flaws in the network are detected and solved.
    Syntrophos is Greek for companion. This Shared Service Center uses a entrepreneurial approach to provide their customers with efficient products and collective services for reasonable prices. The beneficial consequence? Great quality at lower costs.
  • 0203 2018
    Fos-Sur-Mer (France)
    An excellent network is essential when it comes to transport. This distribution service is located in an industrial park. We performed a pre-installation site survey in this outdoor area.
    This large manufacturer sells ready-to-assemble furniture. It consists of 313 stores in 38 countries, including France.
  • 2602 2018
    Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
    Clifford Chance
    To provide clients with the best advice, a company needs an impeccable WLAN network. We performed a pre-installation site survey for the Dutch division of the illustrious law firm, Clifford Chance.
    This law firm always tries to satisfy their customers as much as possible. They answer every challenge with quality advice and legal insight. This multinational is stationed in 36 offices across 26 countries.
  • 2102 2018
    Hogeveen (The Netherlands)
    This Dutch insurance company requested a pre-installation site survey. We predicted where the access points should be installed to optimize their network quality.
    Unigarant Insurance is the insurance company of the royal Dutch touring club, ANWB. Their strong point is their customer service. They are a claim specialist in case of breakdown and damage.
  • 1502 2018
    Birmingham (UK)
    The site of multinational Tenneco was equiped with a special formation access point with radiation cables instead of antennas. What was the WLAN problem? The network in their warehouse got interfered by neighbouring signals. A validation with tuning was the solution.
    Tenneco Inc. works to increase the air and to smoothen the process of transportation. They deliver advanced technologies to their customers. Tenneco has over 31,000 employees.
  • 1202 2018
    Zaventem (Belgium)
    KPMG has built a new department at Brussels Airport. After the office equipment such as office desks had been put into place, ADV helped preparing the workplace with cabling services.
    KPMG offers audit, taks and advisory services. KPMG member firms can be found in 154 countries and territories. They work closely with their clients and help them grasp opportunities.
  • 0802 2018
    Jaquet (Switzerland)
    TE Connectivity
    A predictive site survey is often used when the building is still under construction. TE Connectivity requested this type of WLAN site survey, also known as paper based site survey, some time ago. Making absolutely sure that the WLAN works properly they also asked for a validation WLAN site survey. It is recommended to do a validation survey following to a paper based survey. This will guarantee the best outcome for your company.
    TE Connectivity helps engineers by transforming their ideas and concepts into integrated solutions. These essential elements are placed in planes, companies, vehicles and many other machines. TE Connectivity is a multinational with 75,000 employees in 150 countries.
  • 3101 2018
    Dinkelsbühl, Wörth & Collegno (Germany and Italy)
    TE Connectivity
    These three industrial sites have gotten a pre-installation site survey in just one week's time, performed by several WLAN engineers. Multinational TE Connectivity will receive three reports as guideline. That will help to install the access points at the right location in the buildings.
    TE Connectivity helps transforming the ideas of engineers into reality. You can find their connectivity solutions in planes, companies, vehicles and many more. TE Connectivity has a global reach and employs 75,000 people in 150 countries.
  • 2501 2018
    Brussels (Belgium)
    At the end of 2017 we performed most of the Structured Cabling and WLAN installation at the new workplace of several ERGO and DKV employees. In January, we finished this project at the very centre of Brussels.
    DKV Belgium, ERGO Insurance nv and D.A.S. are part of the larger reinsurers group Munich Re also known as Müncher Rück. This global group operates in all lines of insurance.
  • 2301 2018
    Aalst (Belgium)
    Jan De Nul Group
    A large company such as Jan De Nul Group needs an up and running WLAN network at all times. As an experienced partner we performed a pre-installation site survey in 2017 and, more recently, a validation site survey. That guarantees an optimal working Wi-Fi network.
    Jan De Nul Group is specialized in services for the offshore industry of oil, gas and renewable energy. This large company also is an expert in dredging and marine construction activities.
  • 1801 2018
    Utrecht (The Netherlands)
    Chamber of Commerce
    Making sure that employees can work in good conditions is a priority for a lot of companies. At government institutions that is also the case. At The Chamber of Commerce we tuned the WLAN network in order to get it high-performing. After all: happy employees who can work efficiently keep the organisation healthy.
    The Chamber of Commerce officially registers companies and gives them legal advice and support them when they want to export. Their main task? To keep the Commercial Register.
  • 0801 2018
    Yffiniac (France)
    At one of the French divisions of Cargill we performed a pre-installation site survey. We took all possible future WLAN interferences into account and gave guidelines for the installation of the access points.
    Food company Cargill links farmers to markets and customers with sustainable nutrition solutions. Their mission? Reducing environmental impact and improving nutrition in a responsible way.