• 2109 2023
    Ukkel (Belgium)
    An optimal network serves as the vital core of any organisation. At two separate locations of this healthcare organisation, we did cabling work in both the offices and laboratories. It's important to note that working within the L3 labs demands adherence to specific protocols, which we naturally took into account.
    Sciensano connects health, science and society. They have a team of over 900 dedicated staff members who work tirelessly to promote human and animal health. As their name implies, science and health lie at the heart of his mission.
  • 1309 2023
    Halle (Belgium)
    AZ Sint-Maria
    The laboratory in this hospital had to meet current standards. So, we pulled nearly 100 cables to make sure the WLAN connection was up to date. In the past they have also called us in for a pre-installation WLAN site survey, a validation site survey and other cabling work.
    AZ Sint-Maria is a regional hospital where you can go for quality care. Its 1,000 employees ensure a warm and respectful welcome to patients.
  • 0509 2023
    Puurs (Belgium)
    Pharmaceutical producer Pfizer has new buildings and needed a new fiber network. After splicing the fiber cables the client also wanted experts who tested the fiber via the less common OTDR method, which we also did.
    At Pfizer, they have been dedicating more than 170 years of science and their global resources to provide people with treatments that extend and significantly improve their lives.
  • 3008 2023
    Zaventem (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    Why you as a customer benefit from our obtained CommScope certification? When we install fiber and copper cabling products from this American company, CommScope provides a 25-year warranty against manufacturer defects for their cables, patch panels, connectors or patch cord. 25 years that is!
    Our company offers Wireless LAN services on a global scale, providing a distinctive blend of comprehensive WLAN expertise, extensive networking proficiency, and professional maintenance capabilities. Our goal is to deliver reliable and efficient wireless solutions to meet the diverse needs of clients worldwide.
  • 2208 2023
    Moeskroen (Belgium)
    Working during downtime so that production is not compromised? No problem! We showed flexibility and went onsite in the evening. We migrated server rooms and renewed server racks. Some cables were also updated to the latest standards.
    With a workforce of 155,000 employees, Cargill operates on a global scale, serving individuals across various industries. Having been in business for 150 years, this company specializes in providing essential industrial, food, agricultural, and financial products to meet the demands of people around the world.
  • 1608 2023
    Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Belgium)
    On Monday, Greenyard contacted us because they were going to commission an installation the following weekend. And so we put urgency behind it: on Wednesday, we hung the access points and cable trays and took care of the cabling. This left Greenyard with plenty of time for testing, so ideal for them.
    Greenyard holds a prominent position as a worldwide frontrunner in the fresh, frozen, and prepared produce industry, encompassing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants. Their primary focus is on delivering efficient and sustainable solutions to their valued customers and suppliers.
  • 1008 2023
    Diest (Belgium)
    Sint-Annendael Grauwzusters
    One of our current projects? At multi campus organisation Sint-Annendael, we are installing network cabling in their new building. Optimal WLAN coverage is obviously important in a hospital to provide the necessary care to every patient.
    Sint-Annendael Grauwzusters vzw is a multi-campus organisation that operates four healthcare institutions. Each year, over 1,000 unique patients benefit from the knowledge and dedication of our enthusiastic team, consisting of 475 staff members and doctors.
  • 0208 2023
    Hamburg (Germany)
    A good challenge: we’re up for that! At this site of Cargill, we pulled fiber cable between two buildings. In this complex environment, we built a special scaffolding and took extra account of safety, of course, especially in the ATEX and EX zones.
    Worldwide, Cargill has 155,000 employees working. This company brings industrial, food, agricultural and financial products to people who need them and is already 150 years in business.
  • 2007 2023
    Zaventem (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    Our entire team attended a refresher course for OLTS and OTDR. These are two ways to test fiber. With this training, everyone is completely up to date with the latest rules and suggestions from Fluke to correctly test fiber cables.
    At the core of our company's mission as a prominent player in LAN network services is the unwavering commitment to understanding our clients' needs and cultivating enduring, dependable alliances with them.
  • 2906 2023
    Mechelen (Belgium)
    Being ready for the future is paramount at Technopolis. And so, they wanted to replace all access points with the latest models. On and around Technopolis they are all set to connect at Wi-Fi 6 GHz. Totally future-proof!
    At this Flemish do-centre for science and technology everything starts with amazement; or that little spark you can see in the eyes of the visitors. How is everything made? How can you create a better world? That voyage begins at Technopolis.
  • 1506 2023
    Puurs (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks on Vehicle Control Training
    Going for a skid as team building? Yes please! Because we care about the safety of all our employees, we did a skid course. You become very aware of your driving behaviour and get advice to prepare even better as a driver. Conclusion: great fun!
  • 0506 2023
    Leuven (Belgium)
    Heilig Hart Leuven Hospital
    Whenever this hospital needs WLAN or cabling support, we’re there! This particular time they asked to pull new network cables so that all their cameras could connect on an FTP system instead of the coaxial system. Rock solid and up to date connection guaranteed!
    Making every patient feel more than welcome: that is the mission of the Heilig Hart Leuven Hospital in the centre of Leuven. The approachable staff cares about the personal story of every single patient.
  • 2405 2023
    Comines (Belgium)
    After performing a camera site survey and determining the correct camera locations and area coverage, we also installed the network. Due to the freezing temperatures in some areas, we provided special cameras that can withstand that cold.
    The Greenyard group is globally one of the largest suppliers of fruit and vegetables. The Comines site focuses on frozen vegetables and processes vegetables since 1946.
  • 1605 2023
    Mechelen (Belgium)
    Technopolis has been changing their exhibition areas and we are their partner for rolling out the whole cabling network. At most areas in the building we now cleared the old cables and renewed them so that they meet the latest standards. We also connected all types of media devices.
    Discover all kinds of fun facts about technology and science at this interactive Flemish science centre, such as a live experiment with static hair or a safe landing with an aircraft.
  • 0505 2023
    Wevelgem (Belgium)
    What to do when your company has two branches that are divided by public domain such as a street or river, but you want to connect them with each other? The fastest way is setting up a secure point-to-point network, so no underground connection is needed. With this type of connection you save a lot of time and therefore money.
    This global player markets organic and non-organic plant-based products and drinks. Their mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible.
  • 1704 2023
    Baupte & Krefeld (France & Germany)
    The WLAN cabling at Cargill? Complies with the highest requirements! We did a copper, fiber and infrastructure assessment. So, we could see which data racks need replacement so they can meet today’s standard. And what the possible copper roads are for the AP’s.
    Cargill’s 155,000 employees across 70 countries work relentlessly to achieve their purpose of nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. They combine 155 years of experience with new technologies and insight.
  • 2203 2023
    Leudelange (Luxembourg)
    An optimal running WLAN network is extremely important for LeasePlan. After several projects in Belgium, we crossed the border for their branch in Luxembourg. Their offices and parking area are now ready for proper AP installation and configuration.
    LeasePlan is one of the most trusted names in vehicle leasing. This company offers smart, cost-effective solutions for fleet management, business leasing and personal leasing. And was founded in 1972.
  • 0903 2023
    Blaton (Belgium)
    A WLAN cabling and installation project for Keolis? After previous WLAN projects we gladly went onsite again for this new challenge. The AP installation and cabling for AP’s took place in the office buildings and bus depots.
    Shaping the mobility of tomorrow: that’s the aim of worldwide mobility provider Keolis and its partners. With 42 branches you’ll find Keolis all over the country.
  • 0702 2023
    Hasselt (Belgium)
    Provincie Limburg
    A full cabling assessment is what the Province of Limburg asked us. We mapped the cabling, including fiber, to roll out new techniques. This allows them to see where additional cabling is needed.
    Limburg is one of the ten provinces in Belgium. It has 44 municipalities and an area of 242,231 acres, which corresponds to about 480,000 football pitches.
  • 3101 2023
    Boortmeerbeek, Diegem & Aartselaar (Belgium)
    An optimal running WLAN network? Yes, please! LeasePlan Belgium chose us as WLAN cabling partner for their offices at Boortmeerbeek, Aartselaar and Diegem. At the offices and car park we made sure that everything is spot on. The next step to a smooth network? The AP installation and configuration.
    Founded in 1972 and one of the most trusted names in vehicle leasing. This company offers smart, cost-effective solutions for fleet management, business leasing and personal leasing.
  • 1701 2023
    Schierstedt (Germany)
    Whilst installing and cabling in this branch, we noticed that the data racks were also in need of innovation. In several phases we took care of everything. In order not to jeopardize production, we agreed the timing of the works perfectly with those responsible.
    Nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way: that is the clear goal of Cargill. The global company helps communities thrive together with other organisations that have the same vision.