• 1909 2007
    Advanced Networks and AeroScout (today a part of Stanley Healtcare) collaborate on Wi-Fi based location tracking.
    AeroScout (today a part of Stanley Healthcare) is a market leader in the enterprise visibility solutions based on Wi-Fi.
    The AeroScout Visibility System uses standard Wi-Fi wireless networks to accurately locate and track valuable assets such as equipment or people.

    Operating over traditional wireless LANs AeroScout's solutions add minimal incremental cost to a communications network and enable a broad set of applications. With AeroScout's innovative Mobile View software, customers turn location data into everyday decisions, to improve efficiency and ultimately drive a fast ROI.

    AeroScout pioneered the Wi-Fi visibility market, introducing the industry's first Wi-Fi-based Active RFID tag. The company has been recognized for its innovative products by top publications, leading analysts and major industry awards (from Red Herring and FierceWiFi.)

    Through its relationship with Advanced Networks, AeroScout intends to enhance its leadership in RFID by providing a reliable and experienced partner for AeroScout WiFi RFID site surveys to their customers.

    Advanced Networks is a leader in WiFi site survey services and provides certified AeroScout engineers for WLAN site surveys in all environments such as healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and other industries.
  • 1105 2007
    Scientific village chooses Advanced Networks for WLAN site survey.
    A permanent platform for science and technology will provide WLAN services for its visitors.
    A problem-free and perfectly functioning WLAN will play a key role in retaining the bright image that center holds in the world of technology.

    Due to the complex application and the short deadline before the launch, the best available site survey is crucial to get it right the first time.
    Once again, Advanced Networks is chosen to deliver professional WLAN site survey services for a delicate project.
    This project will be part of a general announcement by the Flemish government about the scientific village very soon.
  • 2103 2007
    Global market leader of the international express and logistics industry selected Advanced Networks.
    16 different international sites of the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry are covered by Advanced Networks for WLAN site survey services and WLAN deployment. This will provide faster transit times, streamlined customs clearance and effective tracking of shipments.

    The choice to work with Advanced Networks was based on our proven superior site surveys and WLAN experience.

    A wireless LAN site survey is the first step in the deployment of a wireless network and the most important step to ensure desired operation.

    The importance of Advanced Networks engagement was very critical for this international WLAN project.
  • 2702 2007
    Advanced Networks delivers engineers for Luxembourg Nord Hospital RFID site survey.
    The new modern hospital center for North Luxembourg with 37.450m², 109
    medical specialists and 737 employees, requested Advanced Networks to perform a WLAN (RFID & VoWLAN) site survey for the new wireless infrastructure.
    Using the latest RFID and WLAN technology, the hospital will provide
    accurate location based data to the hospital employees and guests.
    This project is an eye catching Hospital WLAN project in Europe and a perfect site survey is extremely important for the success of the project.
    The hospital was pointed to Advanced Networks by several high level sources
    in the WLAN world.
    Advanced Networks has the infrastructure, experience and tools to deliver
    engineers for European wide WLAN site surveys.
  • 1402 2007
    Advanced Networks received the request for an important RFID & VoWLAN Hospital site survey.
    Advanced Networks is selected for an important RFID & VoWLAN site survey for a hospital in the east part of Belgium. As Advanced Networks is an important reference for WLAN site surveys, our knowledge is sought out more and more frequently for RFID WLAN site surveys.
    Nurses can now use voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) handsets to communicate with patients, their families, and other staff members. Wireless voice has dramatically improved the nurses' productivity, eliminating the need to return to their desks to make calls and saving an estimated 15-20 minutes per shift per nurse.
    RFID has already made its way into healthcare, the technology is used to track patients, drugs and medical equipment.

    Advanced Networks combines RFID, VoWLAN and WLAN technologies to build advanced site surveys that enable the communication, identification, location and tracking of people and assets.
  • 2401 2007
    Advanced Networks received the request for hospital site surveys at the Belgian coast.
    Our specialized Advanced Networks services are used to perform an important site surveys for hospitals at the Belgian coast.
    Advanced Networks has a deep background in healthcare site surveys and has the knowledge, the tools and the experience to perform this critical site survey. The survey will lay the ground work for a WLAN that will use mobile healthcare applications that save time, money and lives.
    Healthcare is one of the few vertical markets aggressively developing and extending applications and business processes to the WLAN, making the industry a hotbed of WLAN innovation.
  • 1101 2007
    Advanced Networks is requested to optimize a complex wireless installation at Zeebrugge.
    Advanced Networks is asked to provide a WLAN expert team to advise the company on how to optimize an existing WLAN infrastructure located in the harsh environments on the ports of Zeebrugge.
    Due to the complex installation and the need of a second opinion, the client decided to work with Advanced Networks.