• 1912 2022
    Mechelen (Belgium)
    Technopolis is changing their exhibition areas since last year. As their partner we are rolling out the whole cabling network. Three new areas have gotten new cables. And in previous areas where we had already done new cabling work, we cleared the old cables.
    At this interactive Flemish science centre you can discover all kinds of fun facts about technology and science. How about safely landing an aircraft or a live experiment with static hair?
  • 0812 2022
    Brussel (Belgium)
    Hotel Citadine
    Getting the LAN cabling work up to date again? Of course we were thrilled to do that. In the office areas of the hotel in Brussels we did cabling work. Now the network meets the correct standards again!
    With just a 10-minute walk to the Grand Place, this hotel is perfect for a stay in Brussels. In this peaceful accommodation you can rest and reflect on a day spent in the city.
  • 2911 2022
    Mouscron (Belgium)
    Good thing we’re experienced in working in production areas of food factories! The specific working requirements are obviously strict. We went onsite for WLAN access points cabling and installation. The result? A smooth WLAN network at this food processing company.
    This multinational is already 150 years in business and has 155,000 employees working worldwide. Their core business focusses on food, agricultural, industrial and financial products.
  • 1611 2022
    Nice (France)
    Furniture manufacturer
    For this brand new store and warehouse we performed a validation site survey. Why? So the client knows if the WLAN network is optimal before opening the doors. Previously, we performed a predictive WLAN site survey for this branch.
    A total of 217,000 employees work worldwide in one of the 500 sales locations of this global manufacturer. This global player sells ready-to-assemble furniture.
  • 3110 2022
    Veldhoven (The Netherlands)
    A pre-installation WLAN site survey in clean rooms? Not a problem! We are very aware of the requirements that this specific environment needs. And that’s why ASML relies on us as a trusted partner for this task.
    This innovation leader in the semiconductor industry produces hardware, software and services and has over 24,000 employees in 60 locations worldwide.
  • 1810 2022
    Rouen (France)
    Working proactively: that’s our middle name! Because there are long lead times for WLAN hardware, we did a predictive site survey. This way, the customer can order AP's and switches on time and the project continues to run smoothly.
    Worldwide, Cargill has 155,000 employees working. This company brings industrial, food, financial and agricultural products to people who need them.
  • 0310 2022
    Wevelgem (Belgium)
    Where and how can you optimize our WLAN network? That was the question this company asked. After a WLAN validation site survey for the entire plant, we analyzed the data. By suggesting new AP’s on strategic locations and other guidelines we optimized the network.
    This European company markets organic and non-organic plant-based products and drinks. Their mission? Bring health through food to as many people as possible.
  • 2109 2022
    Comines (Belgium)
    Want to know the ideal locations and area coverage of all cameras? A camera site survey is the ideal way to go! For the Greenyard branch in Comines we determined the correct spots for the cameras onsite.
    The Comines site processes vegetables since 1946 and focuses on frozen vegetables. The Greenyard group is globally one of the largest suppliers of fruit and vegetables.
  • 0809 2022
    Zaventem (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    Several colleagues took an external training course about articulated booms/scissor lifts, with success! When safety is involved, staying up to date about these procedures is key.
    Our priority as a market leader in LAN network services? Identifying client requirements and building long-term, trusted partnerships with them.
  • 2908 2022
    Brussel (Belgium)
    Political Intelligence
    A new work floor? Then proper cabling to implement a conclusive network for the whole company is probably required. At Political Intelligence we performed network cabling, fiber cabling and installed a new data rack for this recurring customer.
    This public affairs and lobbying agency helps clients to transform their business objectives into political priorities. Political Intelligence was established in 1995.
  • 1608 2022
    Veldhoven (The Netherlands)
    ASML (Berliner Glass)
    This global player needed a validation WLAN site survey at their branch in Veldhoven. After the installation of the access points and cabling work this type of survey really gives the finishing touch to your network. Optimal WLAN? Guaranteed!
    ASML produces hardware, software and services. Their aim? Give the world’s leading chipmakers the power to mass produce patterns on silicon.
  • 0108 2022
    Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Belgium)
    The cabling at Greenyard? Complies with the highest requirements! This company wants a conclusive and futureproof camera network. After our in-house designed Meraki camera site survey procedure we determined the correct locations, and now we are at the implementation phase.
    Greenyard is one of the world’s largest suppliers of fruit and vegetables. They focus on fresh, frozen or prepared healthy food and wants to make lives healthier.
  • 2007 2022
    Berlin Rainikendorf (Germany)
    Cabling and installation of access points (AP’s) in a food company requires a strict approach. The hygiene procedures are obviously extensive. And so we take them into account when we work at this type of environment.
    This global player aims to be the most trusted partner in food, nutrition and agriculture. Cargill employs 155,000 people across 70 countries and combines 155 years of experience.
  • 0407 2022
    Berlin (Germany)
    ASML (Berliner Glass)
    An optimal running WLAN network? Yes, please! ASML chooses us to be their solid WLAN partner. The completely hygienic cleanrooms at this branch of ASML will have an excellent WLAN network after the implementation of our pre-installation site survey report.
    Multinational ASML has over 60 locations worldwide and produces hardware, software and services. With over 28,000 employees and tons of partners they give the world’s leading chipmakers the power to mass produce patterns on silicon.
  • 2006 2022
    Leuven (Belgium)
    Heilig Hart Leuven Hospital
    Between 2 server rooms we did a fiber installation so that there is a redundant fiber connection. When it comes to your WLAN network, keeping the future in mind is key! Whenever this hospital needs WLAN or cabling support they call us.
    The Heilig Hart Leuven Hospital wants to make every patient feel more than welcome. The building is located in the centre of Leuven and the approachable staff cares about the personal story of every single patient.
  • 0906 2022
    Malchin (Germany)
    Fiber installation and copper works: that was the reason for our recent visit at the branch in Malchin. Companies who are rebuilding their structures often need new adjustments in their network. In the past they also asked us for a Visual LAN Assessment, a pre-installation WLAN site survey and cabling work at Malchin.
    Nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way: that is the clear goal that Cargill keeps in mind. The global company helps communities thrive together with other organisations that have the same vision.
  • 3105 2022
    Halle (Belgium)
    AZ Sint-Maria Halle
    The laboratory in this hospital needed to be up with the current standards. So, we did cabling work to make sure all medical devices have a LAN connection. In the past they also brought us in for a WLAN pre-installation and validation site survey.
    This regional hospital now has 350 beds. They want to be a hospital where all patients can go regardless of origin, religion or financial resources.
  • 1805 2022
    Brussel (Belgium)
    MBC Chocolates
    Good thing we’re experienced in working in production areas of food factories! In those circumstances the hygiene standards are very high. That was also the case at MBC Chocolates. By performing a WLAN pre-installation site survey they now have the proper guidelines to optimize the WLAN coverage.
    Their 20.000m² production site, where chocolates are made since 1921, is located in Brussels, the heart of chocolate manufacturing. They are an experienced and passionate team of 220 people.
  • 0405 2022
    Kortrijk (Belgium)
    A pre-installation WLAN site survey at the office buildings of WAAK? We gladly went onsite and helped in optimizing their network. Afterwards, they received a WLAN report with installation guidelines.
    WAAK is a tailor-made company with vision. They want to create opportunities, specifically for people who are away from the labor market, on the basis of the conviction that every human being has the right to self-development.
  • 2604 2022
    Nice (France)
    Furniture manufacturer
    In Nice this company is building a whole new store and requested a predictive WLAN site survey. In order to provide the cabling for the access points, this paper based site survey is the perfect guide.
    A total of 217,000 employees work worldwide in one of the 500 sales locations of this global manufacturer. This global player sells ready-to-assemble furniture.
  • 1204 2022
    Lichtenrade (Germany)
    At this particular branch we performed a WLAN site survey last year. Recently we visited the location again to place the access points and for fiber and copper cabling. The implementation was, of course, based on our own guideline report. We’ve also laid new fiber between the server and a remote data rack to establish a network connection for the switch.
    This multinational links farmers to markets and customers with sustainable nutrition solutions. In Germany 1,700 employees work at 12 plants and a central office of Cargill.
  • 3003 2022
    Zaventem (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    In our ever-growing company we welcome new colleagues. Data cabling technicians, WLAN engineers and a new backoffice assistant are the new faces at Advanced Networks. Also interested in joining our team? Check out our job page and apply!
    As a European market leader in LAN network services we aim to build long-term, trusted partnerships with our clients. How? By identifying their requirements.
  • 2103 2022
    Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Belgium)
    A good camera coverage at their branch is what Greenyard wanted. And more specific: knowing the locations and area coverage of all cameras. We created a Meraki camera site survey procedure to determine the correct locations for the cameras onsite. We used this completely new type of site survey because there was already a Meraki system in the building. One system makes the network utterly efficient and high-performing.
    This global market leader supplies vegetables, flowers, plants and fruits. Their focus is providing sustainable solutions through best-in-class products and an outstanding service.
  • 0903 2022
    Izegem (Belgium)
    A challenging fiber assessment? Yes, we’ll do that! This branch is divided by a river and for the implementation of new systems there was new fiber connections needed. We pointed out the specific requirements and the new fiber will be laid, among other things, on a technical bridge over the water.
    This company wants to nourish the world and helps to thrive across many different markets and industries. Global player Cargills employs 1200 people in eight locations in Belgium.
  • 2802 2022
    Gevrey-Chambertin (France)
    TE Connectivity
    We’re very satisfied that TE has chosen us as their WLAN partner. Over the years we’ve updated the existing WLAN network at several branches. Recently we performed a WLAN pre-installation site survey at this particular location in France.
    The focus of TE Connectivity? Enabling small and large companies to turn ideas into technology that can transform the future of our world. TE partners with customers to produce highly engineered connectivity and sensing products.
  • 1602 2022
    Leuven (Belgium)
    Heilig Hart Leuven Hospital
    As a solid WLAN and cabling partner, HH Leuven asked us to optimize their existing WLAN and cabling network. An excellent coverage is key in a medical environment. Because of structural changes in the building, the WLAN and cabling network had to be finetuned.
    The Heilig Hart Leuven Hospital is located in the centre of Leuven and the approachable staff cares about the personal story of every single patient. They want to make every person feel more than welcome.
  • 0102 2022
    Mechelen (Belgium)
    Technopolis is changing their exhibition areas for the following three years and we are their cabling partner for that challenging task. In two areas the cabling network has been rolled out, a third area is begun.
    Technopolis is a Flemish science centre for children and adults that wants to make science fun. You can discover all kinds of experiments and facts about science and technology.
  • 1801 2022
    Adelberg (Germany)
    TE Connectivity
    TE Connectivity finds a professional partner for WLAN site surveys very convenient. Why? Because we’ve set up a specific company site survey standard with their specific requirements and needs. The deployment of the site survey is more efficient in that way.
    For more than 75 years, this multinational offers solutions for advanced connectivity. Think about essential elements in planes, electronics and cars.
  • 0601 2022
    Sint-Niklaas (Belgium)
    At this Belgian site we performed a WLAN pre-installation site survey and a fiber assessment. Production area, warehouse, offices: the fiber in the whole branch got mapped and analysed. With this specific advice, the installation can be deployed and meet the highest requirements. Helping other companies thrive is what we do!
    Etex focuses on lightweight materials and new construction methods. This global leader operates on more than 110 sites in 42 countries. Their annual revenue in 2020? Good for over 2.6 billion euros.