• 2912 2008
    Regional Hospital located in West Flanders Belgium, requested Advanced Networks to perform a Location Based Services with VoWLAN site survey.
    A regional hospital with more than 883 hospital beds requested Advanced Networks to perform a LBS and VoWLAN site survey for the hospital.
  • 1712 2008
    One of the absolute world leaders in container handling entrusted Advanced Networks with performing a complex WLAN site survey on container cranes.
    As the operator of the world's largest container terminal in Singapore, and other large-scale projects in locations such as the port of Antwerp, the group currently processes some 160,000 containers per day, which amounted to a total for 2007 of nearly 60 million containers.

    To guarantee continuous container activity, well maintained cranes are fundamental. These cranes are monitored by a monitoring system that runs over Wi-Fi. Monitoring alerts will be send over the WLAN infrastructure so that maintenance personnel can troubleshoot the defect before going to the crane itself which will save valuable time. The site survey included the design of a technically stable topology using specially selected antennas that will be strategically installed on the cranes and central connection points.
  • 0912 2008
    An international Integrated Facility Management company with over 51,000 employees in 26 coutries uses Advanced Networks' know-how for VoWLAN trouble shooting in Luxembourg.
    This group's offices in Luxembourg were struggling with roaming and connection issues on their newly acquired Nokia dual mode (GSM/Wi-Fi) telephones. Advanced Networks sent their local engineers onsite to resolve the problems. Backed by the years of experience in the RF field, Advanced Networks was able to resolve the roaming and connection problems by performing a new survey for the client. After extensive evaluation, the customer satisfied its' new problem free solution.
  • 2711 2008
    Advanced Networks performs 802.11n site survey for the undisputed market leader in the extraction, production and distribution of the main industrial minerals.
    The market leader in the extraction, production and distribution of the main industrial minerals (quartz, cristobalite, nepheline syenite, plastic clay and olivine) with over 245 worldwide productions units uses Advanced Networks' know-how to perform an 802.11n WLAN site survey for their new WLAN investment that will conform the new 802.11n standard.
  • 1911 2008
    A Global market leader of international express and logistic industry requests Advanced Networks' site survey experience.
    The global market leader of the international express and logistics industry, with revenue of more than 63 bn euros in 2007, requests Advanced Networks to perform a WLAN site survey in a critical logistic environment near Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

    Because of the critical barcode scanner applications and the presence of an international airport, Advanced Networks was requested to performed detailed analysis of the local RF situation. This was a key point to guarantee a stabile roll-out of the WLAN infrastructure.
  • 1911 2008
    Global, diversified healthcare company uses Advanced Networks engineers for a detailed WLAN site survey in Compton (UK)
  • 1811 2008
    Regional Hospital improves efficiency with Asset Tracking and Temperature Monitoring based on an Advanced Networks LBS Site Survey.
    The Advanced Networks Location Based Site survey standard for AeroScout® laid the ground work for a successful deployment using a Cisco® Unified Wireless Network infrastructure to support AeroScout's Unified Asset Visibility (UAV) solution, including Wi-Fi-based active radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags. The tags are attached to the specialty mattresses, IV pumps and wheelchairs, enabling accurate, real-time visibility and management of those assets. The hospital also uses the wireless network to accurately monitor the temperature inside the hospital's data center.

    Like previous success stories with AeroScout® and Cisco®, Advanced Networks was requested once again by all collaborating parties to perform the WLAN Location Based Services (LBS) site survey for this success project. The success begins here.

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  • 1811 2008
    Advanced Networks performs a VoWLAN site survey for a Nordic investment bank.
    A Nordic investment bank, founded in 1863, the same year that the Stockholm stock exchange opened its doors, uses Advanced Networks engineers for a VoWLAN site survey in their Stockholm office.
  • 1711 2008
    World leader in grooved and plain-end mechanical pipe joining systems hires Advanced Networks' WLAN site survey services for their Sweden and Germany plants.
    Advanced Networks performed WLAN site surveys for the world leader in grooved and plain-end mechanical pipe joining systems in their local sites in Germany and Sweden. Advanced Networks engineers were used to define the correct site survey procedures for the European and Asian sites.
  • 1411 2008
    Advanced Networks performs VoWLAN site surveys for an International market leader in the field of biological corp protection and natural pollination in the Netherlands.
  • 1311 2008
    A next generation advertising group with 200+ offices and 14,000 people in nearly 100 countries worldwide employs Advanced Networks' innovative VoWLAN site survey technology.
    Because of the communication need by this worldwide advertising group, that has grown to over 14,000 people in nearly 100 countries, a fully reliable Voice over WLAN network is key in success of the WLAN network.

    As Advanced Networks developed an innovative VoWLAN site survey technology which ensures high levels of reliability and availability, the group selected Advanced Networks' expertise to cooperate for redundant VoWLAN site surveys in their branches starting in The Netherlands.
  • 0311 2008
    Advanced Networks performs a WLAN site survey for a company in Luxembourg that delivers experience of more than 45 years in specialized turnkey solutions in all fields of global IP management.
  • 2110 2008
    Advanced Networks is requested for an independent emergency WLAN intervention on a worldwide Group's manufacturing site.
    After a previous successful troubleshooting intervention at their French site, a worldwide Group specialized in compounding, design and development of plastic window systems for the building industry again requested RF troubleshooting from Advanced Networks at their corporate site in Belgium.

    A poor pre-installation WLAN site survey by their previous installer, resulted in poor access point roaming for the WLAN clients. Advanced Networks was also, though advanced spectrum analysis, able to detect severe non-Wi-Fi interference that was negatively impacting the WLAN infrastructure.

    Many IT departments try to save money on "finger in the wind" site surveys. But today, WLAN infrastructures play a key role in business success and companies cannot afford to lose time and productivity by choosing this method.

    Most WLAN troubleshooting begins and ends with physical layer RF problems. Advanced Networks takes the guess work out of the process by providing factual, complete WLAN site surveys that will provide the information needed to deploy an optimal WLAN infrastructure the first time around.
  • 0710 2008
    A 13 billion dollar global provider of engineered electronic components extends their cooperation with Advanced Networks.
    After successful roll outs in Germany and Hungary based on Advanced Networks site surveys, a provider of engineered electronic components requested Advanced Networks to perform high-end WLAN site surveys for all of their European sites in countries such as Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, etc.. Once again Advanced Networks goes European wide because of client confidence.
  • 2609 2008
    A leader in health care for more than 75 years continues working with Advanced Networks.
    After receiving the site survey results for their sites in Germany and Belgium, this healthcare leader agrees to continue its' relationship with Advanced Networks. The driving reason for the decision was due to the clear, straight forward manner that Advanced Networks reported the details of the in depth site surveys as well as the professional conduct of Advanced Network engineers in the most strict, sterile, medical environments.
  • 2209 2008
    A Medical Technology Company with offices in nearly 50 countries worldwide used Advanced Networks as preferred WLAN site survey supplier for European sites.
    After successful WLAN installations based on previous detailed Advanced Networks site surveys, a medical technology company, based in the US, that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public, requested Advanced Networks to perform new site surveys in several extra sites spread throughout Europe.

    With this, Advanced Networks proves that our quality site surveys guaranty the straight forward RF information needed for a problem free WLAN roll out that results in immediate return of investment. Working with Advanced Networks equals having Advanced WLAN knowledge for the most critical phase of a WLAN project: the WLAN site survey.
  • 2308 2008
    A Major perfume distributor counts on Advanced Networks for WLAN expertise in central warehouses.
    A renovated perfume distributor with about 110 shops spread over Belgium and Luxembourg requested Advanced Networks to provide valuable RF WLAN deployment information by performing an accurate site survey in their central warehouse.
  • 1208 2008
    Advanced Networks requested to perform a "best in class" site survey.
    A dynamic hospital in the North of Belgium with a staff of 961 full time and 1520 part time employees hired Advanced Networks to perform a site survey for all 4 of their campuses (about 1094 beds). Because of the critical environment, the goal is to have full coverage for VoWLAN and Location Based Services with a clear RF spectrum analysis to make sure that no electronic devices interfere with the WLAN. The hospital hired Advanced Networks to deliver the their "best in class" site survey that will guaranty perfectly operational WLAN installation.
  • 0708 2008
    Advanced Networks, a European market leader in WLAN Site Surveys, lands the biggest Location Based Service Site Survey project in Europe.
    A pharmaceutical giant employing 100,000 people in hundreds of countries around the world selects Advanced Networks to perform a critical Location Based Service Site Survey.
    The goal of the mammoth site survey is to provide the ground work needed to deploy high accuracy Location Based Services in order to locate isolated workers who perform maintenance duties in the most challenging and dangerous environments.
  • 0608 2008
    Advanced Networks rapidly intervenes on a business critical WLAN problem in the UK.
    Because of the lack of local WLAN expertise, a European wide manufacturer of polyurethane foam calls on Advanced Networks to troubleshoot a business critical problem on their WLAN in the UK.

    Advanced Networks WLAN experts were onsite within two days of the request and controlled the problem.
  • 1707 2008
    An American based Global leader in innovative therapies puts their trust in Advanced Networks to perform WLAN site surveys worldwide starting in Denmark.
    Advanced Networks has been selected by a global leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative therapies to provide WLAN site surveys in its' numerous worldwide sites starting in Denmark. The goal is to obtain accurate WLAN deployment information from an accepted site survey partner that obtains proven WLAN knowledge and can operate worldwide. The company will use its' WLAN to help fuel its' global growth that currently employs more than 4,200 people.
  • 2506 2008
    Advanced Networks provides WLAN site surveys for a 13 billion dollar global provider of electronic components.
    Advanced Networks is chosen by a 13 billion dollar global provider of engineered electronic components for thousands of consumers including network solutions and systems for telecommunication and energy markets, and undersea telecommunication systems. A global agreement has been made for Advanced Networks to provide high-end WLAN site surveys in the sites throughout Europe. The first site surveys will begin in August in Germany and Hungary.
  • 1104 2008
    Advanced Networks sets new standards for WLAN site surveys.
    Advanced Networks launches new standards for WLAN site surveys procedures resulting in higher performance and more reliability in wireless networks.
    The new site survey procedures, through new innovative techniques, improve the reporting of in depth RF information such as spectrum analysis.
    We have pioneered procedures for 802.11n site surveys that will ensure emerging companies a competitive advantage in the evolving technologies of WLAN.
    All new procedures have been accepted and supported by the world leading WLAN manufacturers.