• 2212 2021
    Beersel (Belgium)
    Municipality Beersel
    Recent pre-installation WLAN site surveys we performed were for Municipality Beersel. We supported two schools in boroughs of Beersel in making the digital transition. Now they have a proper guideline in making their schools WLAN future-proof.
    Beersel is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. It is best known for the Beersel Castle and the municipality has a total population of 23,433.
  • 2411 2021
    Veldhoven (The Netherlands)
    After a nice cooperation in the past, ASML engaged us for a new WLAN order. We went onsite and at a new building we performed a pre-installation WLAN site survey. An optimal WLAN network is utterly important in a good thriving production area.
    ASML produces software, hardware and services and has over 28,000 employees in more than 60 locations worldwide. Together with their partners they provide leading patterning solutions that drive the advancement of microchips.
  • 0911 2021
    Kayersberg & Wormhout (France)
    Two branches with the same mission: aiming for a splendid WLAN coverage at the production area. After we conducted a pre-installation WLAN site survey Corplex received a specific guideline about the proper AP installation. So, their WLAN network can now run smoothly!
    Corplex aims to be present at every step of the supply chain cycle: from granuls to final plastic solutions. Their production plants can be found in Europe and in the USA.
  • 2510 2021
    Saint-Nazaire (France)
    At this particular branch we converted the server room and finetuned it to the Cargill standards. Our team worked exclusively at night, so the switch-over had no impact on their production. That was the best solution for them. We gladly helped!
    Cargill’s 155,000 employees across 70 countries link farmers to markets and customers with sustainable nutrition solutions. This global player creates connections across the global food system.
  • 1110 2021
    Antwerp (Belgium)
    On this food producing firm, we automatically followed the hygiene procedures. Holding these restrictions into account, we executed a pre-installation site survey. Afterwards, they received WLAN guidelines for the AP installation.
    Multinational Cargill established its activities in Belgium in 1953. Now the company employs over 1,200 employees in 8 locations in Belgium. From biodiesel to industrial chocolate production and sales to Research and Development: there have a variety of activities in this central European country.
  • 2809 2021
    Mouscron (Belgium)
    WLAN and cabling projects in the food industry can be quite challenging because of the hygiene procedures. Gladly we know the requirements that accompany this sector and frequently follow onsite safety trainings. In the production area of this branch a pre-installation WLAN site survey was needed.
    Multinational Cargill has over 1,200 employees in 8 locations in Belgium. Their European headquarters for its food businesses and Cargill’s R&D Centre Europe, Cargill’s primary technical centre serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa are also located in Belgium.
  • 0709 2021
    Oostkamp (Belgium)
    TE Connectivity
    The warehouse had large infrastructural changes, so we performed a pre-installation WLAN site survey. After data analysis and interpretation we’ve sent the exact guidelines for a proper AP installation.
    For more than 75 years TE Connectivity partners with customers to produce highly engineered connectivity and sensing products. Their focus? Enabling large and small companies to turn ideas into technology that can transform the future of our world.
  • 3008 2021
    Brussels (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    Several of our ADV colleagues recently followed an external training course about articulated booms/scissor lifts and a VCA training. New colleagues received the certificate for the first time, the rest prolonged their existing certificate. Staying up to date -especially when safety is involved- is prior for delivering an outstanding service.
    Advanced Networks is a European market leader in LAN network services. The number one priority? Identifying client requirements and building long-term, trusted partnerships with them.
  • 1708 2021
    Drogenbos (Belgium)
    Automotive D’Ieteren
    Our highly educated engineers performed an IP-DECT site survey on this site, to determine the exact location of the DECTS. The goal for Automotive D’Ieteren? Deploying an IP-DECT network in all their locations so stable communication is guaranteed.
    D’Ieteren deploys a growing range of products and services focused on developing fluid and sustainable mobility for all. Their brands and services are used every day by more than a million Belgians.
  • 0408 2021
    Redon (France)
    After a pre-installation WLAN site survey at this location last year, long-term partner Cargill wanted us to cover the cabling work and AP installation. At this particular location we also placed new fiber to all the data racks and removed old fiber cabling.
    This global leader creates connections across the global food system to help the world thrive. Cargill has 155,000 employees working around the world.
  • 0507 2021
    Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
    Due to the Covid-19 measurements ROC had an urgent need for more classrooms. Rooms that were formerly used for dancing classes are transformed and Wi-Fi was needed in those spaces. We did a WLAN site survey and also a cabling assessment.
    The ROC consists of two secondary education institutions: The ROC of Amsterdam and the ROC of Flevoland. A whopping total of 34,261 students follow one of the more than 300 courses.
  • 2506 2021
    Beverlo (Belgium)
    Brouwland finds a professional partner for WLAN site surveys ànd the cabling and AP installation very convenient. First, we determined the exact AP locations in the 2700 square metres warehouse and 400 square metres offices. Now we’re heading back to install the network.
    The company started in 1972 as a pharmacy and drugstore. Brouwland has grown over a few decades into Europe’s most highly specialized wholesaler for products for making your own wine, beer liquors and dairy products.
  • 1806 2021
    Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Belgium)
    Greenyard contacted us because they experienced fiber network problems and substandard connectivity. We went onsite for a troubleshooting, cleaned and tested the fiber network that is now in an optimal state.
    This global market leader supplies vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants. Their focus? Providing an outstanding service and sustainable solutions through best-in-class products.
  • 0706 2021
    Wormer (The Netherlands)
    At the site in Wormer we performed a pre-installation site survey last year. Recently we went back for the cabling and installation of the access points (AP’s). Now this Dutch branch has a great WLAN connection which ensures a smooth operation.
    Cargill has 155,000 employees working worldwide and is already 150 years in business. This long-lasting company makes food, agricultural, financial and industrial products.
  • 3105 2021
    Berlin (Germany)
    TE Connectivity
    A recent WLAN site survey we performed was for long-standing partner TE Connectivity. Having one partner that operates at all of their locations and knows their approach works utterly efficient, because we are so well-attuned.
    TE Connectivity wants to create a more connected future that is safer and more sustainable. This multinational offers solutions for advanced connectivity that you can find in planes, electronics and cars.
  • 1805 2021
    Plaisir (France)
    Furniture manufacturer
    This multinational requested a validation WLAN site survey, because they recently changed in-house structures in the building. To make sure that there wouldn’t arise WLAN problems, we went onsite and guaranteed a smooth-running network.
    A total of 217,000 employees work worldwide in one of the 500 sales locations of this global manufacturer. This global player sells ready-to-assemble furniture.
  • 0605 2021
    Dusseldorf (Germany)
    At the work environment of this German branch of Cargill we performed a validation WLAN site survey to verify if the installed WLAN network runs optimally. Afterwards, the client always receives a useful WLAN guidelines report.
    Cargill supplies food, industrial, agricultural and financial products and has 155,000 employees working worldwide. The multinational is already 150 years in business.
  • 2604 2021
    Dresden (Germany)
    TE Connectivity
    After performing a pre-installation site survey at this location of TE Connectivity, we recently went back for the installation and cabling. Having one partner has a lot of advantages and the main one is a more efficient work process.
    For more than 75 years, this multinational offers solutions for advanced connectivity such as essential elements in planes, electronics and cars. TE Connectivity wants to create a sustainable, safer and more connected future.
  • 1404 2021
    Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Belgium)
    This food supplier encountered problems in the existing WLAN network at their production area. An onsite troubleshooting brought the solution and we fixed all of the WLAN issues. And now? The network runs smoothly!
    Greenyard is globally one of the largest suppliers of vegetables and fruit. Every day they supply fresh, frozen or prepared products of high-quality and are known for their outstanding service.
  • 1703 2021
    Dresden (Germany)
    TE Connectivity
    As the preferred partner, we advise TE Connectivity with pre-installation site surveys on a regular basis. Therefore, they are sure that the standards are uniform for their branches all over the world. That makes the WLAN installation utterly efficient.
    TE Connectivity wants to create a safer, sustainable and more connected future. For more than 75 years, this multinational offers solutions for advanced connectivity, such as essential elements in planes, electronics and cars.
  • 1502 2021
    Bilzen (Belgium)
    DW Reusables
    At one of the locations of DW Reusables we went onsite to perform a pre-installation WLAN site survey. In this work environment we analysed all the data and we’ve sent the correct guidelines for a proper AP installation.
    DW Reusables designs, develops and manufactures injection moulded reusable packaging. Their offering such as reusable crates, handling trays, pallets and dispensing bulk containers are found all over the world.
  • 0302 2021
    Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (France)
    Furniture manufacturer
    Having an excellent WLAN network is essential, especially in a store and warehouse environment. Therefore, we performed a pre-installation WLAN site survey at one of the French departments of this furniture manufacturer, and afterwards we’ve sent a WLAN report with installation guidelines.
    This large manufacturer sells ready-to-assemble furniture. Their vision? To create a better everyday life for many people. A total of 217,000 employees work worldwide in one of the 500 sales locations.
  • 2101 2021
    Berlin (Germany)
    TE Connectivity
    This global player loves working with us as a global privileged partner for WLAN site surveys. When you want customized WLAN guidelines and an efficient installation, that’s essential. At this German branch we gladly performed a pre-installation site survey.
    This multinational offers solutions for advanced connectivity, such as essential elements in planes, electronics and cars. TE Connectivity wants to create a safer, sustainable and more connected future.